For the second season of the newly opened Theatre, in 1852, St. Petersburg Ballet Company arrived in Tbilisi; representing the Company among others were T. Chernova, Fedor Manokhin and E. Panov, who presented the second act of Talion’s ballet Sylphida and Polka-Vengerka. This was the first ballet performance in Tbilisi. One year later Fedor Manokhin staged the second act of Giselle.

The first fullversion ballet followed in 1854, by Manokhin again; the piece was F. Tallion’s three-act ballet Gitana-The Spanish Gipsy. Unfortunately, due to the lack of finances, he returned to the Bolshoi Theatre in summer of 1854. In the eighties and nineties of the 19th century performing in Tbilisi was St. Petersburg Emperor Ballet Theatre; representing the Theatre were E. Gillper, Sofia Fedorova, Isedora Duncan, Vera and Mikhail Fokins. Here in Tbilisi Mikhail Fokin was staging his first innovatory ballets, which then brought him the recognition in Paris, on the Diagilev Seasons.



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